Merchant Services 
  • Through our merchant card services, you can offer customers the convenience of paying for purchases with credit or debit cards. You will receive a monthly statement showing a daily reporting of all your transactions to help with your account reconciliation. Plus, you have the flexibility of renting, leasing, using your existing equipment, or upgrading to new equipment.

  • Whether you are starting a new business, expanding or just need to accept credit cards to provide convenience for your clients, let Premier Bank Texas help you set up credit card processing for your business.

  • We can help you with point of sale, internet or telephone sales.
    Cash Management 
  • Review account balance information.
  • Move funds between accounts via book transfers.
  • Reconcile your accounts.
  • Initiate stop payments.
  • Process payroll direct deposits and disburse funds via ACH.
  • Create customer ACH transactions to collect receivables.
  • Initiate wire transfers.
  • Account Information.
  •             Click here to learn more about Return on Investment Calculators 
    Access up-to-date account information quickly, simply by using the internet, any time, day or night, without having to call or visit the bank.  
    Your transactions are secure. The advanced security allows you to customize levels of access to authorized staff members. You’ll have complete control over the functions available to each user at your business. Your company administrator can establish and update user restrictions for each feature of Cash Management.  
    Balance Reporting 
    Provides summary information at a glance and also allows a drill-down into additional detail for a specific account. For added convenience, the account summary format is customizable. 
    Book Transfers 
    Move funds from one account to another within Premier Bank Texasto ensure sufficient balances are maintained to fund payments, meet target balances and to maximize investment income. Transfers can be scheduled for the current day, a date in the future or on a recurring basis.  
    Wire Transfers 
    Initiate wire transfers to move funds between accounts at different financial institutions within a short period of time. Information on wires is automatically retrieved and funds are wired for same day credit. 
    Stop Payment 
    Place stop payments on an individual check or a range of checks to protect your account from potential loss.  
    Operate more efficiently by creating customer ACH transactions and submitting them to Premier Bank Texas for processing. By making payroll deposits and regular vendor payments electronically, you will reduce the cost involved with issuing checks and have greater control over your cash balances.  
    Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) 
    Streamline and simplify the payment of your individual and business federal taxes. EFTPS is an electronic system in which tax payment information and funds move electronically. It is becoming the preferred method for tax payments by small, medium and large businesses throughout the country.  
    Online Services 
    A direct request channel for Premier Bank Texas services including photocopies of checks or statements, investigation of questionable transactions and online cash/check orders. 
    Account Reconciliation  
    Import or manually input account information into accounting software for more streamlined account reconciliation.   
    Cash Management places banking services at your fingertips. To open a Cash Management account that can work for you or your company, please call or stop by. Together, we’ll choose the right options to help build your business.  
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