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    All we need are three items to submit your loan for approval.


    With our Quick App, all you need to do is submit a Credit Application, TPP and Business Metrics Reports, and your Agency Contract to submit your loan for approval. This program is for loans less than $500,000 that are less than your TPP value.

    We also provide TPP Equity Loans!

    Already have a loan against your TPP but need additional capital? We are offer TPP Equity Loans that allow you to fully utilize the value of your TPP while leaving your existing loan in place. In most cases, you can even use our Quick Application process for loans that are less than 90% of your TPP. Call us today to find out more at 877.894.2785.

    Why use your TPP value as collateral for a loan?

    • Expand your business by increasing your working capital.
    • If you are looking to purchase an agency, you can use the value of the agency you want to purchase as collateral for the loan.
    • Consolidate your debt to strengthen your competitive position and improve your credit score.

    Why other agents are choosing Providence Bank Agency Finance as their provider for financial solutions.

    • Quick and easy funding.
    • Free, no-obligation quote.
    • Perfect credit NOT necessary.
    • Competitive interest rate & tax-deductible interest.
    • Build a lifelong relationship with industry experts.

    If our Quick App or TPP Equity Loan isn't what you are looking for, try our traditional program. We'll need a bit more information from you, but you'll get the same great service and responsiveness from our team.

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