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About Us

Mark Nondorf and Melanie Otto joined Providence Bank in June 2013 to form the Agency Finance business unit within Providence Bank. Prior to joining Providence Bank, they managed one of the pioneer firms in providing financial products to insurance agents. During this time, they provided capital to entities representing more than 5,000 agents and comprising nearly 550,000 policies with over 100 carriers.

About Providence Bank Agency Finance

Providence Bank Agency Finance is a provider of financial solutions for the insurance industry. We are a business unit of Providence Bank, a Missouri bank which has been meeting the financial needs of individuals and businesses for 126 years. Providence Bank Agency Finance is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we are committed to providing captive and independent agencies with the necessary capital to accelerate their financial objectives and realize their financial goals.

Providence Bank Agency Finance provides lending products to agencies with Property & Casualty, Life & Health and other products such as Long Term Care, Medicare Supplement, Critical Illness, and Disability products. Our lending products include term loans and annually renewable lines of credit.


Our Value Proposition

Unlike other banks, Providence Bank understands the value of your future commissions. We recognize you as an independent business owner. Like any private business, there are times when you will need to access capital, but unlike many business owners, you have a valuable asset to leverage: your future renewal commissions. We offer loan products by using your future commissions as collateral...something your typical bank will not do. Other financial service providers under-value this asset because of their inability to predict policyholder behavior. Our model is unique. We have the historical experience, modeling capability, and financial wherewithal to provide you with the capital you need using the full value of your renewal commissions. Our Agency Finance team can help your agency strengthen its competitive position by increasing your working capital, helping you acquire an agency, consolidating existing debt, or helping you transition your business to the next generation. Let us put the value of your book to work for you.

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